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Ma-fuckers come back with some crazy ass shit, dawg. You bastard, son of a bitch! Los han calificado de voz y por escrito de: hijos de puta , cerdos, gilipollas y cabrones.

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In writing they have repeatedly called them pigs, arseholes idiots , screwed-up people, etc You fuckin', hodunk Podunk, well, then, motherfuckers! They were trying to take my shoes.

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I fought them off, but they cut my fuckin' head open, the jigaboo cocksucking motherfuckers. I'm blind , you bastards! Publicly, Kennedy took full responsibility for the fiasco, privately he was furious at the Joint Chiefs sons of bitches and those CIA bastards , threatening to. Those sons of bitches are here Los hijos de puta lo robaron. What is this?

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Esos hijos de puta tienen a mi padre. During a visit to California on a book tour in , Allende met her second husband, attorney Willie Gordon. They married in July Allende resides in San Rafael, California. Most of her family lives nearby, with her son, his second wife, and her grandchildren just down the hill, in the house she and her second husband, San Francisco lawyer and novelist William C. Gordon, vacated. Beginning in , Allende was on the editorial staff of Paula magazine and the children's magazine Mampato from to , where she later became the editor. She also worked in Chilean television production for channels 7 and 13 from to Neruda agreed to the interview, and he told her that she had too much imagination to be a journalist and should be a novelist instead.

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In , Allende's play El Embajador played in Santiago a few months before she was forced to flee the country due to the coup. During her time in Venezuela, Allende was a freelance journalist for El Nacional in Caracas from to and an administrator of the Marrocco School in Caracas from to In , while in Caracas, Allende received a phone call informing her that her year-old grandfather was near death, and she sat down to write him a letter, hoping to thereby "keep him alive, at least in spirit.

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The book was rejected by numerous Latin American publishers, but eventually published in Buenos Aires. The book soon ran to more than two dozen editions in Spanish and was translated into a score of languages. Although Allende is often cited as a practitioner of magical realism, her works also display elements of post-Boom literature. Allende also holds to a very strict writing routine. Allende's book Paula is a memoir of her childhood in Santiago and the years she spent in exile.

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It is written as an anguished letter to her daughter. In , an error in Paula's medication resulted in severe brain damage, leaving her in a persistent vegetative state. Allende had Paula moved to a hospital in California where she died on December 6, Allende's novels have been translated into more than 30 languages and sold more than 56 million copies.

Latino Leaders Magazine called her a "literary legend" in a article naming her the third most influential Latino leader in the world. Her work has drawn some negative criticism. However, she disagrees with these assessments:. The fact people think that when you sell a lot of books you are not a serious writer is a great insult to the readership. I get a little angry when people try to say such a thing. There was a review of my last book in one American paper by a professor of Latin American studies and he attacked me personally for the sole reason that I sold a lot of books.

That is unforgivable. It has been said [ by whom? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Isabel Allende disambiguation. This article uses Spanish naming customs : the first or paternal family name is Allende and the second or maternal family name is Llona.

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Big Think. Estas almas son superadas en la mente, cuerpo y alma por la oscuridad que actualmente envuelve al mundo. La oscuridad del pecado hunde a las Naciones. Yo Soy la verdad! Yo Soy la Luz! Yo Soy el Camino para todas las almas, para que todas las Naciones lo sigan. Estoy entre ustedes!

“…hijas en mi reino”: La historia y la obra de la Sociedad de Socorro

Soy yo! Este soy Yo! No vine a llamar a los justos, sino a los pecadores. El Rey de la Gloria, colgando en una cruz! Esta es mi voluntad. Este dogma va a ser una gran luz para las Naciones y el comienzo de la Era de Paz. Apocalipsis